Outdoor Solar Heated Shower

  • $18.97
  • Save $9.98

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  • 100% brand new 20 liter solar heating shower bag 
  • Ideal for traveling, hiking, backpacking, camping or other outdoor engagements 
  • Hangs easily on tree branches (or elsewhere) to take a comfortable shower
  • Made of durable leak-proof toxic-free PVC material
  • A black front for premium heat-absorbing and a transparent back 
  • Natural solar heating technology, heats water from 15 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius within 3 hours 
  • 8 minutes non-stop water flow with a capacity of 20 liter/5 gallon 
  • On/Off switch slides to control water output 
  • Strengthened handle 
  • Light-weighted material
  • Folds for space-saving 
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